Poker has never been an easy task if you´re out for winning money. Even though I see myself as a pretty good all round player it has always been a struggle to bet the other players sitting at my table. Don’t get me wrong, I am in fact a solid player that has spent many hours playing the game I love the most. I’ve read all the books a winning player should have read and I have also used countless helping programs to help improve my game.

My interest in poker began early. Like many others I played for pocket money with my older siblings and I loved the feeling of winning money, even though it wasn’t much money. When I realized that the game was so much about playing your opponents as playing you’re cards I fell even more in love with the game. As I grew older my interest grew as well as my winnings. I therefore started rounding up friends for weekly get-togethers around an old table using ugly chips for money. The interest in my little project grew and soon I stood in front of an important decision. Either I would keep expanding my project or I would stop the whole thing. As the poker player by heart I am I of course took option one and kept the thing running. I also started adding tournaments and the people loved it. But the poker took so much of my spare time that I eventually got bored with it and decided to kill the project. I figured that there were other willing persons to keep the players happy with their cash games and tournaments.

I was so tired of playing poker as well that I didn’t touch a deck of cards for years until one day someone told of this new thing. Apparently you could now play poker in front of a computer against real players for real money. Fascinating, I thought, this I have to try. And so it all began once more and with this new technology the only think I as a player had to focus at was winning as much money as possible. The thing I like the most about this new way of playing poker is the fact that it’s so easy assessable. Earlier I had to call people, get a place to play at and so on. Now all I have to do is start up my computer and choose a table and start playing almost instant. The sad part is that it’s not the same feeling sitting in front of a computer screen as sitting around a table with some good friends. But if I have to choose I still think it is so much better playing online poker. It also goes way much faster than in real life which is very important for me.

Making Money at Online Poker

September 23, 2010

Hardcore gambling is something not to be encouraged at the cost of your emotional and financial limits. But winning some extra cash, once in a while, at online Poker, never harmed anyone. Here are some strategies you can use to your advantage, though they come with no guarantee.

Pick one free poker game – Surely the most important factor that will influence your eventual winnings is the game you choose. You can play Texas Hold Em, Seven-Card Stud or Omaha Poker etc, but choose one that you are comfortable with and have been playing often in real time at a table. Even if you’re just starting out with online Poker, it is better to choose one type of game and stick to it at least for a while. Most people prefer playing Texas Hold Em because it’s easier than the others to get the hang of. There are always new people taking to Poker and most start out with this variant. So, with time, you automatically improve your chances of winning something at least as you move up the student ladder.

Spend time studying – Just playing game after game online can be addictive but it’s just not the way to improve. You can play a 100 games by the end of a week and not be any better off at Poker. But if you played just 50 and studied strategy and rules the other time, you would surely be improving by the next week. You just have to understand the rules like the back of your hand. There is no letting up on that. There are many good online guides to basic Poker rules that you can begin with and then move on to the intricate details of the game.

Strategic thinking – Once you know the basics and can pull off small games you will need to master tells and reading your online opponents. This is far difficult when playing on the Internet as compared to across the table events. Eventually, Poker does boil down to reading your opponents. You can make out if the tells are too fast and judge whether a Poker bot is being used or you can make out if you have an amateur up against you and go really aggressive against him. Slowly, you will need to master strategic thinking to win at online Poker. Bluffing at online Poker is a little tougher but you can try it once in a while particularly if you’ve spent a lot of time at a single table.

Poker site choice – Always choose a safe, secure and well-programmed website to play online. Tacky software that keeps hanging or sites that are not ratified may be useless for winning. Many cheaters thrive in the Internet gaming sector and Poker players usually are easy targets. Play only at the reputed sites. Good software helps you decipher other players easily too.

Hook up with pros – Several top Poker players play online nowadays and are always open to giving tips and help to new players. You can check them out, hang out at their tables online and try to learn. This is one sure-fire way of improving your game and winning at online Poker.

Soccer Fitness Drills

November 6, 2009

Soccer fitness drills are essential for the team’s performance and endurance in the game.  These drills help the team players to be more active throughout the entire game and it will also make the game competitive if both sides are fit. There are a great number of these drills available and the majority of theses drills are actually sold online and at various book shops which sell sporting books and articles. Various fitness drills increase the team’s performance.
As a coach you may do away with buying several books on various fitness drills as it is easy to develop your own fitness drills. Many coaches develop their own drills and they make a combination of the pre-constructed drills with their developed drills and this will guarantee you maximum performance.
I have listed four drills that are very useful and will reproduce physical demands of the game.
1 – Tight Space Dribbling
This drill is very great in developing both fitness and touch simultaneously. You should bear in mind that this drill is not physically demanding.
Players should run around the field randomly. This session should take at least a minute to have a player play with the ball and also they should try tricks, faints and turns. During this training session the players should have a break between 25 -35 seconds between the session’s intervals.
2 – Two versus Two with a Spare
In this drill players should be in groups of five’s. Two players will be the attackers and two more players being the defenders. The last player would be a spare player and would have to stand out. The attackers are given ball position and the spare player will always take sides of the team which is in possession of the ball. The defenders task is to gain possession of the ball and the spare player would have to change at all intervals to the team which has possession of the ball. This drill is physically demanding due to the fact that the defenders should work very hard in gaining possession of the ball and the reverse is true. The team with ball possession may calm down because losing it would mean hard work again.
This drill increases the fitness of the players due to the fact that they will be running around trying to get possession of the ball. The drill also enhances players to have ball control, dribbling skills and fast turn & touch action response.
3 – Step Jumps
This is a partly extreme exercise and it should be done at the beginning of the training session and should be conducted as a warm up. Players should stand beside a log, or a cone or even an empty crate of bottles. The players would have to jump vertically over the object landing with both feet the other side. This should be done by jumping with both feet together at the same time. Players should minimize on ground contact and these sets should be repeated at most 30 seconds with a total of 4 to 6 sets.
4 – Killer Shuttles
This drill is very simple but very effective. This drill can be performed individually and it is commonly known as the fitness conditional drill. This drill should be done at the end of the session due to the fact that it will leave your legs feeling very weak and exhausted. With this type of drill it boosts your fitness level to the max if done regularly.
You have to set out 5 crates or blocks 11 yards apart from each other. The players have to run to the first block going to the second and return back then run to the third and back and then run to the last block and back. The players should sprint flat and make a sharp turn returning back and the players should not make huge strides whilst running. The strides should be as shot as possible and these are known as shuttle runs. This session should be done up to 2 minutes and make sets
All these drills mentioned above will eventually help your team players to develop speed, power and strength.

Everything aside, one has to acknowledge the feat accomplished by England. They have definitely triumphed over more vital test moments than we Australians have triumphed over them. Every Australian who loves the game hates to lose even a single run or wicket to the English, but then the same is true when reversed. It surely is not something either sports team considers as a good moment when they are outplayed by the other.
“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” -Thomas Jefferson.

It is not surprising that one can witness the above quote on a window outside the winning team’s changing rooms.
It is quite obvious that the English were armed with a better mental attitude for the final game, not to mention the second, as well as the third test match too. However, while it is not fair to discount the Australian team as they too fought well, they in no way can match the incredible consistency exhibited by the English.
For the few high moments in which the Australians where able to score, they had their share of equally low moments. Actually, during the whole test match, the English really had only one low score and that was the regrettable 102 in the fourth test match. But then, their recovery was something to be applauded.

It was a moment of truth for Ricky Ponting and of course, the whole Australian team. It is with a heavy but hopeful heart that I consider this day as the day the Australian cricket died, only to rise victorious when we face our nemesis in our home soil again in another 15 months.
The moment a game ends the blessed relief takes over both teams, irrespective of the outcome. The relief is something to be rejoiced and an out-of-the-world experience for the winning team, while it is quite different for the team that lost. The relief comes in the form of grief for the loser, which can last for days together or weeks or sometimes even longer, until they can compete in the next test series.
Well, one has to learn from mistakes and definitely this test match was a big mistake for the Australian team.
Without doubt hard work, determination and consistency will triumph over. This was evident throughout the whole series where the English proved their mettle. While one cannot expect to win every time, persistence and tenacity can surely help to bring in the victory. It is quite true that our team will feel dejected over this loss, but then mistakes are stepping stones to success and they will definitely learn from their mistakes and rise again to shine.

While every team will face a loss or win at one time or other, it is the attitude with which one approaches failure, not only in a game but in life, that will illustrate ones  character more powerfully than how one just enjoys victories. A valiant and noble loser will definitely learn to appreciate a victory infinitely more in future.

Poker news

September 2, 2009

Just as in today’s society there is road-rage, now we have poker rage!  Only a month after a triple-murder that was poker-related in Florida there is another death. Arthur Prince, a sixty- one year old man was killed outside the Trump Taj Mahal located in Atlantic City. Another fifty-seven year old man- Vicente Perez will be charged with manslaughter (aggravated) and weapons offenses.

This is now the fourth poker related murder in a month and a half. Duane Crittenden was arrested in February for killing some players at his private game. Police say Crittenden flew into a rage when he felt he was cheated by three other players. He left the game but returned two hours later armed with a gun and a knife and proceeded to stab and shoot the three players.

The circumstances surrounding the murder at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City were a bit different. The murder happened in a very populated area of the casino- the valet area and neither party had any criminal record.

What allegedly transpired at the Taj Mahal as relayed by various sources is: Arthur Prince was playing
a no limit Hold’em game and Perez was on a waiting list. Arthur Prince lost all his chips in a play.

Prince gets up and leaving the table, tells everyone that he’s getting more money at an ATM. He asked that they hold his place at the table. Apparently, the dealer didn’t hear what Prince said and he assumed that Prince was leaving the table. The dealer announced that a spot was open.

Vincente Perez took the seat that had been Prince’s. Prince returns to the game where Perez is occupying his seat. Prince and Perez begin to argue and other players say Prince said he was going to come back, which the dealer claims he didn’t hear.

After several minutes, Perez leaves his seat and goes to the outside valet area, he once again, asked the dealer to hold his position at the table.

Prince became extremely enraged partly because he feels Perez unfairly took his place at the table, but now isn’t even using it.

The argument continues outside and escalates into an altercation. Prince begins to beat Perez with a cane or umbrella.

Perez pulls out a knife and stabs Prince. The knife hit an artery in his neck and he begins bleeding profusely. Prince is brought to the AtlantiCare Medical Center  where he is pronounced dead shortly after. An investigation is underway and Perez is held on a $500,000 bond.

Anyone who says poker is just luck has not spent more than two minutes with the game.  Poker is far more than luck, luck plays a very small role in the outcome of a hand.  Someone who believes luck controls the game is a victim and is letting the game control them and not the other way around.  The pro’s know this and take an active role in the outcome of the game.  This is why people can make a living and a good one, playing poker.  Most people do not want to try to make a living at poker, they dream of it but they are happy to play to win and keep their day job.  The point is that poker is not just luck and no one would make a living at it if it was.

So how do you know if you have a winning hand or can turn a hand in to a winning hand?  That is the million dollar question, literally.  There are many factors that go in to the answer of that question.  You need to know the rules of the game, you have to understand the odds of what cards are in play, what the odds are of what can happen and just as importantly, what can not happen, you need to understand where you sit at the table, who your opponents are and what level of risk you are willing to take.  Each of these things can take years or a lifetime to master.  There is no reason you can not improve you game and therefore win more frequently if you take a little time to understand the game.  There are many good resources available to you for finding more information about any aspect of the game and details of every game out there.  The Internet is a wonderful place to turn to, and poker online is great.  Google (or your favorite search engine) “Poker” or the game you want more info about.  You could spend a lifetime just reading all the articles you will get.  Be more specific about what you are looking for.  Maybe you want to better understand the odds of the first hand and how to decide if you should fold or play the hand.  Search for that and you will get millions of hits.  Improve your game by taking an active role in understanding the game.  It will pay off!

When I was eighteen years old my father and I went by car to the great Casino Cosmopol in Gothenburg. This was an amazing trip and we had such a nice time together my father and I. We stayed for two days and my father had given me some money to spend at the casino. I started with playing Jack Vegas. I actually won some money there and wanted to try my luck at playing poker. That was not a very great idea. The other gamblers at the table were very good at the game and I was too young to be able to beat them. I lost all my money that first night. My father played Black Jack of course. He loves the game and he is very good at playing it. Therefor he won a lot of money. Even though I lost all my money I was so very happy. I think my father was very nice because he brought me with him to the casino.

Famous players

July 23, 2008

There are some really famous gamblers in the world. They play in tournaments at real casinos and at Internet casinos. I have met some of them. When I ask them how they learnt to play so well they mostly answer that they have read a lot of educating books. Sometimes they have had relatives that have been able to teach them. And in one case the player had got his skills from watching films. Some of these very good players are professionals, that is they make a living from playing poker or black jack. I wish I could become such a skilful player so that I could make a living from playing Black Jack. I really work very hard with studying and playing to be able to become a professional.

What is very popular to play at the casinos is Jack Vegas. There are several different Jack Vegas games and some different machines. You can easily play on such a machine. Just pay a small amount and start to play.

Roulette is so very nice to play. It is very thrilling when you have placed the bet and stand waiting to see where the little ball shall stop. It is easy to play and you do not have to study any rules before you start to play. I know about some very good casinos that have nice roulette tables.

Poker of course is very popular to play at an Internet casino. I am especially interested in playing Texas Hold’em. This game is really fascinating, but in order to win a poker game one really has to study a lot. It is essential to learn the rules first and to become a successful poker player one also has to practice a lot. It is important to learn how to play strategic. There are many more poker games, but I am not really good at playing anything else but Texas Hold’em.

When I started to play

July 23, 2008

I was just a young boy when I started to play Black Jack. My father thought that this game was very thrilling and he had no other to play with. My mother was not at all interested in gambling. When I was old enough to be able to count to twenty-one my father thought me how to play Black Jack. At first he always was the dealer but as I grew older he sometimes let me deal the cards. I was very glad when he let me. I felt as if I was a grown man when I dealt the cards. Mostly we used only one deck of cards, but sometimes we used two. We used to sit in the living room at the diner table and I was so excited.